Lieutenant Colonel Thomas U. Wall Memorial Scholarship


Lieutenant Colonel Thomas U. Wall

Memorial Scholarship

Established Thomas U. Wall trust in 1992. For students who are a U.S. military veteran (or child or grandchild of a U.S. Military veteran) pursuing science, business or law enforcement at Irvine Valley College, have financial need, and a high school or college 2.5 or higher G.P.A.


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Malcolm X

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas U. Wall Memorial Scholarship

Lt. Col. Thomas U. Wall

Tom Wall was a 20-year U.S. Marine veteran with over 1,000 combat missions flown in Vietnam. In February 2006 Tom was given the first Irvine Valley College honorary degree. At that time IVC and ICC honored him for his distinguished service as a Marine Corp aviator and tactical helicopter commander, for his service as a law enforcement officer and as a respected community and business leader.

His peers and members of the community recognized Tom for his accomplishments as a college professor, as a president and spokesperson for numerous professional and non-profit organizations including ICC, IVC Foundation and professional associations. After proudly serving our country he had a successful career in real estate, business consulting and e-commerce. One of the many programs he began was the Irvine Teacher of the Year. He served as the organizer and M.C. of that program.

Always looking for adventure he enrolled as the oldest person in the LA Sheriff’s academy, graduating 1st in his class. Tom became a Laguna Beach Reserve Police Department and was recognized as the Orange County Reserve Rookie Police Officer of the year in 1998. He was the 2005 Laguna Beach Police Officer of the Year. Tom at the time of his passing on June 20, 2006 was an Irvine resident. He was a born leader, fighter and inspiration to all who knew him and many that had never met him. He was the ultimate volunteer.

Student Criteria

The scholarship program outlined below requires applicants to meet specific student criteria


U.S. resident


U.S. military veteran, child or grandchild of a U.S. Military veteran (documentation)


Pursuing a career path in Science, Business or Law Enforcement at Irvine Valley College


Demonstrated financial need


High School or college 2.5 or higher G.P.A.

Application Process

Irvine Valley College will prepare an application for this scholarship, recruit and screen applicants. IFF will assist with recruitment and determine the amount and number of scholarships based on funds available (excluding the account principle) and select the final candidate(s) to receive a one- year $TBD scholarship for tuition, fees and books. IFF will interview and select the final recipient(s).

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