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The Irvine Forward Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established in 2019 by the Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce. The foundation's main goal is to support and promote economic growth, workforce development, and education in the city of Irvine, California. It achieves this through a variety of programs and initiatives, including scholarships for Irvine high school seniors, mentorship opportunities for college students, and workforce training and development programs. The foundation also provides grants to local non-profit organizations that align with its mission. Overall, the Irvine Forward Foundation is committed to ensuring that the Irvine community remains a vibrant and prosperous place to live, work, and do busines


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Irvine Forward Foundation

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Scholarships & Education Funds

The Irvine Forward Foundation provides three different scholarships to support the educational pursuits of students in the community.

Irvine Forward Foundation STEAM Scholarship

Irvine Forward Foundation Community Scholarship

John Colvin Memorial Scholarship

Lieutenant Thomas Wall Memorial Scholarship